Voice apps
for Businesses

Creating a Voice App has never been Easier

The power of voice search is available at your fingertips. Start creating voice apps for your clients’ business in an instant.

Statista reports 3.25 billion voice assistants are in use today. By 2023, this will be 8 billion voice-enabled devices.

Voice App Features


Technology integration that generates common frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and supports the inclusion of custom answers.


Direct submission of the voice app to Amazon's Alexa-powered devices and devices supported by the Google Assistant.


Includes customizations such as greeting users with a Welcome Message, Help Message and/or Exit Message based on their question or activity.


Once the app is submitted to the app store approvals expected in 3 days or less and editable in real time in the future.

Create voice Apps in an Instant

You Can help Businesses stand out in Voice Search – Here’s How It Works

Simply log in to your partner dashboard, select the business you would like to create the app for, then head to the Edit Client section.

You'll need to make sure all the important questions about the business are answered within this section, such as business hours, products and services.

Within the Voice Search Data section you'll need to provide the default Messages, plus review the General Questions, Brick-and-Mortar, service area business, Events & Establishments and Industry components. The more you answer about the business, the better the app experience will be for the user.

Finally, you'll head over to order to place the voice app order. Once you place the order, the submission process will start right away.

Creating a voice app is easy.
Access your partner dashboard today!

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