Terms and Conditions

Client (hereby listed as “client”) shall pay ThumBrand LLC. 100% of the full amount above to have our agency begin the process of building your business’ online infrastructure. We occasionally offer payment plans to our business partners at an additional cost. If this is something that you are interested in, please send us an email at: operations@thumbrand.mysites.io.

Recurring website hosting/maintenance services will last 12-months and ongoing until the client sends in a cancellation request for the recurring services listed above (the client must send a cancellation email to ThumBrand 2-weeks in advance). Our maintenance plan will incur our hourly rates starting at $50/hour for any updates/edits to the existing site and additional page add-ons will incur additional costs upon request (prices differ based on the requirements). If no monthly maintenance plan has been selected, our normal hourly rates will be charged starting at $75/hour (minimally charged at hourly increments).

Once the client’s site has been PUBLISHED and their revisions checklist initialized (provided towards the end of the project), the site will be considered finalized. Maintenance plans are set in-place for continuous website edits and updates. Additional pages requested will incur additional page pricing unless client has selected a custom plan.

Websites are taxable as it is considered a “virtual product” upon transfer to the owner but when placed within our servers, it is deemed a rendered service. Therefore, we do not implement sales tax initially. Once the request to have the client’s website transferred to another host has been made, our team will send the client a final bill to release the site to their dedicated rep. The client will then have 14-business days to complete the transfer/migration of their website to their new hosting grounds before it is removed from ThumBrand’s cloud server space.

Client’s will also be able to purchase their website(s) at 10% from the initial overall website total to fully own their content. We also have a “website host migration/transfer” service that can be purchased upon request ($350; one-time fee) and will be billed accordingly for the services rendered. To have your website transferred, please contact us at: operations@thumbrand.mysites.io.

To cancel or to buy-out your website, please email: operations@thumbrand.mysites.io. Early cancellations will result in a cancellation fee for the remainder of the contract term. If your organization is tax exempt, please send over verification for us to remove any taxes involved. A secondary proposal will be created for any addendums.

Each company/industry will have different outcomes for different services provided and there are no guarantees of any kind with this contract. Content and requested information must be turned in within a timely manner. ThumBrand LLC., will not be liable for late turnarounds due to the clients delay. Clients must provide all content (written or visual) for the purchased services or an additional services/product fee will be charged upon request to implement said services.

We look forward to providing you with professional online solutions and thank you for your support in helping our agency grow.