Sassy Beauty Supply

Sassy Beauty Supply seeks to help people feel as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out. Together with Sassy Beauty Supply, we created a functional and sleek website to match their brand, and to show their passion and commitment to the beauty industry.


We focused heavily on making a website that complements their existing brand and speaks to their audience. With the help of our web-design, graphic design, and marketing services we were able to help Sassy Beauty stand out amongst their competitors.

We always strive to provide services that help businesses produce awareness, demand and revenue. We provided Sassy Beauty with a trio of services that produced some great results for their brand.

Web Design


Graphic Design

We strived to create a branding presence in line with what customers expect while also creating something uniquely refreshing to the industry as a whole.



When it comes to the collaboration process, we make no compromise. Our work with Sassy Beauty was a bold example of what is possible with expert collaboration.

Our work with Sassy Beauty demonstrates the power of minimalist design. We utilized a simple yet powerful design to reach Sassy's unique audience.


Discovery Phase
We collected all website content from the Sassy Beauty team by giving them access to our included high-speed cloud storage solutions.
Design Phase
We used design cues from their existing branding and modernized their brand with the help of our talented creative team.
Revisions Phase
Using our revolutionary in-house revisions process, we worked closely with the Sassy Beauty team to finalize the mockup for their new website.
Development Phase
Now that we have the website mocked up and approved by Sassy Beauty, we moved seamlessly into the development phase. This is where we bring the website to life!
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